Get SQUARE in just 3 simple steps!

Step 1

Choose & order your tailored subscription plan.

Step 2

Download and run our remote support software from Here.

Step 3

Get in touch with one of our friendly agents for the support you require.


We use Teamviewer  Remote Support software to support our customers.  Teamviewer is both fast and very secure and enables our customers to be in complete control during support sessions for peace of mind.

 For our health monitoring we use ITBrain’s Monitoring module to monitor the health of our customers computers.

ITBrain monitors:-

          • Online Status – Know when your device goes offline and have peace of mind knowing that it‘s up and running. You can even see the last time it was online.
          • Hard Disk Health – Be notified if any disks on your device are reporting S.M.A.R.T. errors.
          • Memory Usage – Set a memory threshold and be notified when your device falls under it.
          • CPU Usage – Set a CPU usage threshold and be notified when a processor exceeds it.
          • Processes – Receive an alert when a specific process is or is not running.
          • Receive a notification when a specific Windows service has stopped running.
          • Event Logs – Be notified when a specific event in the event log is discovered.
          • Disk Space – Be notified when the remaining free space on the device falls below a certain percentage.
          • Windows Update – Be notified when Windows Update is turned off.
          • Antivirus Software – Be notified when there is no Antivirus installed or when the installed antivirus is out-of-date.
          • Windows Firewall – Be notified when Windows Firewall is disabled.

ITBrain Monitoring can be tailored to meet your needs.

We also offer limited health monitoring (Disk space, Windows Update, Antivirus Software & Windows Firewall) – free of charge.

For our Anti-Malware monitoring service, we use ITBrain’s new VB100 approved Anti-Malware module.  This allows us to be notified the instant your computer becomes subjected to any malware or viruses and if not removed automatically by the software we can get in touch and remove it manually.